Lingerie Courval is celebrating our 100th anniversary!

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Lingerie Courval is celebrating our 100th anniversary!

A well fitting bra never goes out of style and we believe that’s the secret to our century of success. The Courval name has been around almost as long as the bra itself, so it’s no wonder we’re a lingerie institution.

100 years of business is worthy of bragging rights, but we’re most proud of helping our customers feel confident. That’s what founder Mme. A Courval set out to do when she sold her first corset in 1918. As two women in their thirties carrying on her legacy, we know the difference a good bra can make. That’s why we’re so passionate in helping others find their right fit. You may never find the perfect partner, so let us help you find the perfect bra! We enjoy offering our expertise and seeing our customers leaving happier, and sexier, than when they came in.

Feel free to come by the store and wish us a happy birthday! And while you’re here why not receive a professional personalized bra fitting?! We have a wonderful selection of lingerie, loungewear, and swimwear, so whether you’re looking for your first bra, or some cozy pyjama’s, we’ve got something special for everyone.


  1. Diana Porteous Diana Porteous

    Congratulations Vicky and Vanessa on your 100th anniversary. You deserve so much success! I could spend forever in the store browsing through the gorgeous lingerie and swim wear. Not to mention the invaluable help with bra fittings ❤️

  2. Louise Duplessis Louise Duplessis

    Félicitations Lingerie Courval! Je vous connais depuis ma jeunesse. Ma mère et moi étions de vos clientes!!! Et je le suis

  3. Althea Farquharson Althea Farquharson

    Great Store! Such quality things and lovely atmosphere. Never disappointed!
    Congratulation ladies on the milestone. Wishing you continued success!

  4. Sidney Westlake Sidney Westlake

    What a wonderful store! Love stopping in to browse and indeed, the best fitting bras ever! Our daughter raved about the maternity bras too! Perfectly fitted and sexy even while I pregnant! Happy Birthday Courval!!!

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