You know that feeling, when you have just booked your vacation and you can already imagine yourself lying on the beach, enjoying the sun in your new perfect-fitted bikini?

Cynthia & Ella, founders of CYELL, envisioned the same picture in their head.
However, 25 years ago it was a little more complicated to acquire beachwear that was feminine, fashionable and with a perfect fit!

In 1995, Cynthia & Ella, launched their first collection making it their mission to design premium beachwear with a perfect fit for fashion-conscious women.
Back then, CYELL was one of the first brands to introduce cup sized swimwear in the Netherlands, providing the perfect fit.

For CYELL, the relationships with our customers, partners and community are the most important.
Our aim to create beautiful refined collections has been achieved.
CYELL has grown into a stylish, well-known, trusted brand; offering women a wide variety of different styles and shapes.

Today, CYELL is recognised for delivering high-quality, perfectly fitting beachwear and nightwear.
By bringing together bright colors and bold prints we aim to create a feeling of joy and confidence from our designs.